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Instructions for attending an occupational health check-up

  • Please do not come to the health check-up during the acute stage of an illness, upon exacerbation of a chronic condition or while on sick leave.
  • If you are unable to come to the health check-up at the agreed date or time, please reschedule your appointment through our self-service system.* The appointment can be recheduled up to 48 hours before the visit. If necessary, please notify our registration.
  • When coming to the health check-up, please bring your identity document (ID card/passport/driving licence).
  • Before the health check-up, please fill in a health declaration and a mental health questionnaire at Health check self-service
  • If this is not possible, you will find a paper health check-up form on our website.
  • Before reading the preparatory guide for tests and examinations, consult your employer to find out which tests and examinations are included in your package.  

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