Working environment services

Health status of employees may significantly affect their working ability and company profits. Our workplace engineers assist you in assessing and analyzing the possible effect of the working environment on the health of employees and recommend suitable solutions for preventing health damages.

This also includes consultation on legal requirements and cooperation for execution of necessary operations and preparation of documentation.

Working environment audit

Fulfilment of the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Act ensures that the important factors influencing the health of employees are under control. We are familiar with the important requirements and are able to assess whether you company complies with them sufficiently. We give relevant and reasonable advice for supplementary actions.

Work environment risk assessment and survey of risk factors

The working environment risk assessment takes place in cooperation with the specialists and employees of you company and considering the experience, necessities and possibilities of your company. Risk assessment analyzes the existing preventive measures and use of those measures; the result will state the risk factors of the working environment and assess their health risk severity.

If necessary, we are able to use measurements for more objective situation assessment since our measurement laboratory is EAK accredited in the more important measurement fields (accreditation certificate L088):

  • Luminance and evenness;
  • Indoor climate (air temperature and relative humidity);
  • Noise level on A and C scale, noise frequency analysis (incl. calculation of daily exposure level);
  • Dust level;
  • Hand-arm vibration acceleration (upon usage of hand tools);

With these accreditations we are also able to measure air velocity, general vibration acceleration, strength of low-frequency electromagnetic fields (20 Hz…2000 Hz), magnetic flux density and CO2 concentration in the air.

If necessary, we are able to cooperate with other accredited measurement laboratories in all Estonian existing measurement fields to satisfy even your most diverse measurement needs.

As an end result of the working environment risk assessment, we will assist you in planning possible preventive measures.

Working environment ergonomics

Additionally to improved health and increased working ability, realisation of ergonomics principles increases work productivity and comfort. Healthy, able and content employees help to achieve better results.

We have the experience in assessing the ergonomics of workplaces and work methods as well as preparation of ergonomic working instructions. We consult on ergonomic design, use and redesigning of workplaces if necessary.

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