Health certificates

We offer a wide selection of health check-ups after which we also issue a health certificate to apply for a driving licence and a weapons permit, for working, studying or continuing your work.

Pursuant to the Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control Act, the employer shall finance additional medical examinations of employees in areas where the particular nature of the work may contribute to the transmission of communicable diseases, e.g. employees handling foodstuff and drinking water.

E-Health certificate

  • E-Health certificate is a digital certificate.
  • As of 01.04.2015, only digital health certificates are issued.
  • Currently, digital health certificate can be applier for ONLY for applying for a driving licence or exchange of the driving licence.

Process of issuing a health certificate

Step 1: Enter the Patient Portal

To request a health certificate, you have to enter the state Patient portal; with your ID-card or mobile-ID.

Step 2: Start applying for the certificate

Specify the areas of use:

  • Group I includes drivers of A, AM, B and BE category and their subcategory motor vehicles, T category tractors and non-road mobile machinery, except B category taxies and A and B category emergency vehicles;
  • Group II includes drivers of C, CE, D and DE category and their subcategory motor vehicles, B category taxies and A, B and C category alarm vehicles, also driving instructors of driving licence applicants and motor vehicle drivers.
Step III: Fill in the your health declaration

Health declaration is a digital document that contains:

  • Information regarding the applicant’s health condition inserted by the applicant
  • Information about the applicant’s health available in the Health Information System.
  • Further information: How to fill a health declaration (pdf)
Step IV: confirm and sign

Health declaration must be signed digitally

  • Further information:How to Avoid Failure to Sign a Document Digitally (pdf)
  • For digital signing of your health declaration, you need to know PIN2 code of your ID-card or mobile-ID.
  • As a result, a pre-filled health certificate, i.e. certificate in application status, is formed and visible to the doctor to whom the applicant goes for the required health check-up and a medical decision.
Health declaration
  • Digitally signed health declaration (DSHD) is valid for 30 days.
  • DSHD filled on a paper is valid only for one visit to the doctor and the applicant must fill the DSHD again the next time.
  • The applicant can edit or change recently inserted data. Only one DSHD, i.e. the last digitally signed DSHD, is valid at a time.
  • DSHD can be filled in Estonian, Russian or English language.
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