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About mental health center

Qvalitas mental health center Meeletervis is a reliable partner, providing advice and strength to every client in matters related to maintaining mental health, psychological treatment, and prevention of mental health problems.

The fields of activity of mental health specialists are very broad – we employ work and organizational psychologists, clinical psychologists, psychologist-counselors, in addition to psychologists who specialize in couple and family therapy, psychotherapy, as well as mental health nurses, psychiatrists, supervisors, coaches, crisis counselors and creative therapists.

The comprehensive offer of all services gives the mental health specialist the opportunity to refer the client to the reception of a colleague if necessary.

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Mental health support in the work environment

A large part of our services is aimed at the business client, i.e. the employer, for whom we offer a logical whole. Since the employee’s mental health is very important in creating new value, it is more sustainable and economical to deal with the mental health of employees systematically. The services include consulting services, trainings, and work environment mapping services.

The most important thing for the employer and employee is the presence of a work and organizational psychologist – our people in this field are thoroughly trained specialists who focus on issues related to the work environment in their daily work.

Work and organizational psychology is an applied science that studies the interactions between the employee and work at the individual, group and organizational level with the aim of increasing work efficiency and supporting the employee’s (mental) health and the quality of work life.

In today’s work environment, mental work has a large share, and the changing environment requires the employee to adapt to new situations and conditions. It all creates tension.

Of course, the mental health of an employee is affected by various factors, and being at work for a large part of the day, the working conditions and the psychosocial work environment have a significant impact on the employee’s health.

The appointment of a work and organizational psychologist is a great opportunity for the employee and often also a preventive measure, because often a solution or alleviation is already found at the grassroots level and there is no need for more serious intervention, e.g. in the form of a clinical psychologist or a psychiatrist.

Booking for a mental health service

Together we move towards stronger mental health in the work environment and at home. Our mental health specialists are located in the Ülemiste City in Tallinn, our new center is located at Lõõtsa tn 5. The client can find us on the 3rd floor of the Lõõtsa center. We conduct receptions both locally at the mental health center and via video bridge.

Do you have difficulty concentrating and setting goals?

Are you experiencing burnout due to the accumulation of stress?

Do you feel anxious or moody, nothing interests you?

Are you in the middle of difficult life events or problematic relationships?

Do you have a question in your mind that doesn’t seem to have an answer?

Even in the case of a single “yes” answer, we recommend contacting a mental health nurse for initial self-help instructions. If necessary, we will refer you to a suitable specialist. To register for the appointment, use the Qvalitas reservation system, choose the appropriate contact or remote reception service.

If you cannot find a suitable service or specialist in the reservation system, please reach us at +372 566 768 48 or

How our mental health center started off as Meeletervis

Qvalitas acquired a full stake in Meeletervis, a company that provides mental health support services in the work environment, with which we create an opportunity for patients to receive a comprehensive healthcare service that better takes into account the ever-increasing demand for mental health care.

How to define meel – mind?

If you try to define the world meel, in English mind, you could say that it is an imaginary organ in our head. The language and the fixed expressions stored in it give a closer idea of what the Estonians’ ancestors invented such a term for.

First of all, the mind is needed to be fully conscious (an expression to come to mind), while the mind is our pleasure compass, which tells if something is unpleasant or pleasant).

In order to more accurately distinguish between pleasant and unpleasant and to perceive nuances, we have as many as five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Ene Vainik, PhD Senior researcher and lexicographer at the Estonian Language Institute

Economic activity notification of occupational health services STV000029 (occupational psychology services).

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