Man’s health

At the Qvalitas Medical Center, a man can carry out all the main tests that allow to assess the current state of the man’s body, the risk of cardiovascular diseases (cholesterol level), the risk or presence of diabetes (glycohemoglobin level).

Together with the doctors evaluated by Qvalitas, the man gets an overview of whether alcohol or drugs have damaged the liver and the level of the male hormone testosterone. We recommend monitoring uric acid levels to reduce and prevent the risk of kidney and heart disease. We are also a partner if you want to test the risk of prostate cancer (PSA).

Health packages
Blood panel tests
At Qvalitas, men are advised by valued specialists

At Qvalitas, doctors and specialists advise from more than 25 different specialties. As a man’s first point of contact for health issues is often his family doctor and/or nurse, we offer support in all common health issues with first-level receptions.

If necessary, we refer the patient to further examinations or to an appointment with a specialist in the relevant specialty, e.g. an appointment with a cardiologist, urologist or neurologist, sports doctor, rheumatologist or physiotherapist. Our medical staff advises both in real time and via remote appointments, and we are also a support in identifying and solving delicate health concerns.

The most common reasons for seeing a doctor

Statistics confirm that the health indicators of Estonian men are still significantly worse than those of women. According to the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the life expectancy of Estonian men is almost nine years shorter than that of women. A health survey from 2022 shows that although 60% of men aged 40-49 rate their health as at least good, only 28% of them are at a normal weight. More than half of men have high blood pressure.

The reason can be found in the fact that up to the age of fifty, men use healthcare services significantly less than women, and thus reach the medical system with established diseases that require serious and expensive treatment.

At Qvalitas, we support both the prevention and early detection of cardiovascular diseases. We do our best to help men prevent health problems (e.g. problems related to the prostate gland, urination disorders, skin formations in the genital area, etc.).

Book an appointment with your desired specialist in our self-service environment

You can ask for initial advice on issues related to men’s health via a remote appointment

Through remote appointments at the Qvalitas Digital Clinic, we can advise on a number of issues important to a man’s health. We consult regarding sexual health – for example, in case of sexually transmitted diseases or erectile dysfunction. At a remote appointment, the general practitioner or family doctor who advises at the Digital Clinic can also be of support if you wish to extend the prescription.

For more convenient use of the digital clinic, the patient has the option of using the mobile application, which is available both in the App Store and the Google Play store. If the patient wants to use a desktop computer to chat with the doctor, they can log in HERE. You don’t need to make an appointment to chat with the Digital Clinic doctor, just log in and start the conversation.

The first visit via remote reception maps the patient’s complaint with the help of the doctor’s guiding questions and helps with further steps. At Qvalitase Digital Clinic, we can help you with most questions concerning primary care medicine.

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