Cardiac stress test

Cardiac stress test is a cardiovascular test that enables to evaluate your heart’s ability to respond to external stress and helps to detect health problems that may go unnoticed with regular ECG test executed in tranquil state. Cardiac stress test helps to diagnose possible cardiologic diseases and is used for evaluation of treatment results.

Patient reminder before the test
  • Before the cardiac stress test, we require signing the consent form for going through the test (the corresponding form is available in the doctor’s office as well as at the reception).
  • Please bring comfortable clothes and shoes for the test. After the test, it is possible to use the shower (kindly bring personal towels and  products).
  • People attending the cardiac stress test are advised to bring an apple, yoghurt or some sweets to refresh themselves before the test.
  • It is recommended not to exercise for one day before testing and to avoid heavy exercise.
  • The load test is performed at Qvalitas Medical Center for people weighing up to 140 kg.


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