Woman’s health

Women of any age can contact a gynecologist at the Qvalitas Medical Center. In our Tartu unit, you may also book for a gynecologist appointment financed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund with a short waiting time.

Examinations and procedures performed by a gynecologist
  • prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases
  • gynecological ultrasound
  • diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • pregnancy monitoring
  • fetal ultrasound
  • advice on contraceptives
  • infertility diagnostics
  • counseling and treatment of premenopause and menopause problems
  • colposcopic examination of the cervix, biopsy
  • insertion/removal of an intrauterine device
  • contraceptive implant placement / removal
  • vaccination against HPV viruses causing cervical cancer and warts

A visit fee is added to the gynecologist’s services.

Health packages
Qvalitas gynecologists

Get to know the gynecologists of Qvalitas Medical Centre HERE

Book a gynecologist appointment in our self-service environment

Initial advice on issues concerning a woman’s health can be obtained through a remote consultation

Through remote appointments at the Qvalitase Digital Clinic, we can provide advice on a number of issues that are important from the point of view of a woman’s health. We consult on sexual health issues, such as sexually transmitted diseases and the selection of contraceptives. At a remote appointment, the general practitioner or family doctor who advises at Digiklinik can also provide support in women’s cystitis issues and in the event of a wish to extend the medication prescription.

For more convenient use of the digital clinic, the patient has the option of using the mobile application, which is available both in the App Store and the Google Play store. If the patient wants to chat with the doctor on a desktop computer, they can log in HERE. You don’t need to make an appointment to chat with a digital clinic doctor, just log in and start the conversation.

The first visit via remote reception maps the patient’s complaint with the help of the doctor’s guiding questions and helps with further steps. At Qvalitase Digital Clinic, we can help you with most questions concerning primary care medicine.

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