Birthmark Examination Dermtest

Qvalitas Medical Center is providing a service called Dermtest – a convenient, fast and effective teledermatoscopic examination.

When to check your birthmark

A birthmark needs to be examined more closely if you have at least one of the following symptoms:

  • the birthmark is asymmetrical, ie one side is different from the other;
  • the edges of the birthmark are irregular (jagged, frayed, etc.);
  • the birthmark has several different colors;
  • the birthmark has changed over time (size, shape or color).
About the Dermtest examination

During the study, a trained nurse will take a photo of your birthmark with a special camera. With Dermtest we can assess 1-3 birthmarks at a time. Dermatologist will then use the pictures to assess whether the birthmark is showing signs of malignancy and make recommendations for further action, which may include:

  • no evidence of malignancy and no need for separate monitoring;
  • the birthmark needs to be re-examined after some time;
  • the birthmark is recommended to be surgically removed for a more accurate assessment.

A dermatologist’s recommendation to surgically remove a birthmark does not automatically mean that it is a malignancy. Removal of a suspicious skin lesion allows it to be examined by a pathologist, ensuring the most accurate diagnosis.

Book an appointment for birthmark examination at Qvalitas Medical Centre

In Qvalitas, in addition to the birthmark examination, we offer its’ surgical removal and a detailed pathological examination if necessary. These are separately paid services.

If you wish, our doctors can also make a referral for a surgeon funded by the Health Insurance Fund. Referral is also a separately paid service .

When should you visit a dermatologist

To examine more than 3 birthmarks or for full-body skin examination, please make an appointment with a dermatologist. A full-body skin examination is recommended if:

  • you have a lot of birthmarks and pigment spots on your skin;
  • your close relatives have had melanoma or other skin cancer;
  • you have used or will continue to use a tanning bed or you will naturally receive high doses of UV radiation (sunbathing a lot).
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