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Services and prices for private client

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Price list

Payments in cash or by card. To verify Your identity, please bring an identity document (ID card / passport / driving license).

Visit fees

Digital Clinic consultation19,9€
Physiotherapist video consultation25€
Gastroenterologist Tartu50€
Gynaecologist Tartu55€
Gynaecologist Tallinn55€
Gynaecologist + foetus ultrasound75€
Gynaecologist + vaginal ultrasound70€
Cardiologist Tallinn70€
Cardiologist Tartu55€
Paediatric neurologist Tallinn55€
Paediatric neurologist Tartu55€
Ear-nose-throat (ENT) specialist55€
Neurologist Tallinn70€
Neurologist Tartu55€
Family doctor55€
Family doctor (repetitive)40€
Family doctor remote reception55€
Family doctor remote reception (repetitive)35€
Pulmonologist Tallinn70€
Pulmonologist Tartu55€
Pulmonologist (repetitive)40€
Travel medicine counselling26€
Ophthalmologist Tallinn70€
Ophthalmologist Tartu55€
Sports medicine doctor55€
Urologist Tartu55€
Urologist Tallinn70€
General physician55€
Massage 30 minutes25€
Massage 60 minutes35€
Massage 90 minutes50€
Manual therapy55€
Psychiatrist Tallinn (60 min)110€
Psychiatrist Tartu (60 min)80€
Psychiatrist (repetitive) (30 min)55€

Digital prescription and certificate for sick leave, telephone consultation

Repeated digital prescription19.90€
Telephone consultation with a specialist35€

Invoice is issued via e-mail or post after provision of the service

Health packages

Health audit349€
Recreational Athletes package210€
Weight Loss package69€

Health certificates

Health certificate of a motor vehicle (Group I)55€
Health certificate of a motor vehicle (Group II)from 65.00 €
Health certificate (with radiological examination)30€
Health certificate (BAK analysis)52€
Health certificate (radiological examination + BAK analysis)60€
Health certificate duplicate21.6€
Seafarers health certificate (primary) exc. Norway and Netherlands80€
Seafarers health certificate (periodic) exc. Norway and Netherlands80€
Security guard health certificate, groups I and II108€
Security guard health certificate, groups III-V55€
Rescuer health certificate118€

Other services

Medical history copy, 1 page0.22€
Preparation of medical documents21.6€
X-ray image on a CD6€
Vaccination certificate10€
Encrypted forwarding of documents7.2€
Issuing of duplicate from the archive7.2€
Invoicing and invoice forwarding in English7.2€
COVID-19 certificate issuance10€

Blood panels (incl. doctor ´ s appointment fee)

Anaemia panel38€
Thyroid panel26€
Heart panel27€
Heart panel with addition63€
Inflammatory markers11€
Blood analysis package for men (up until 40 years)84€
Blood analysis package for men (over 40)99€
Blood analysis package for women (up until 40 years)77€
Blood analysis package for women (over 40)93€


Birthmark examination Dermtest (first birthmark)40€
Birthmark examination Dermtest (each subsequent birthmark during the same visit)15€
ECG test14€
Cardiac stress test, veloergometer Tallinn (doctor’s appointment fee to be added)75€
Cardiac stress test, veloergometer Tartu (doctor’s appointment fee to be added)75€
Holter monitoring ECG (doctor’s appointment fee to be added)70€
(24 hour) Blood pressure monitoring (doctor’s appointment fee to be added)46€
Gynecological small surgeries (doctor’s appointment fee to be added)35€
Tone audiometry17€
Ear rinsing15€
Tick removal15€
Removal of stitches15€
Installation of an intrauterine device30€
Removal of an intrauterine device20€
Removal and installation of intrauterine device40€
Intramuscular injection7.2€
Intra-articular injection12€
Measuring blood pressure5.7€
Arteries ultrasound, one area29€
Arteries and veins ultrasound, one area37€
Veins ultrasound, one area29€
Joint/joints ultrasound, one area26€
Soft tissue ultrasound, one area26€
Thyroid ultrasound26€
Abdominal and vaginal area ultrasound40€
Abdominal ultrasound29€
Vaginal area ultrasound31€
Rectal ultrasound30€
Breast ultrasound, one breast (in Tartu center)27€
Residual urine volume ultrasound15€
Colposcopy (doctor’s appointment fee to be added)30€
Colposcopy with biopsy (1 pcs) (histology and visit fee to be added)45€
Insertion/removal of Nexplanon implant45€
NIPTIFY Prenatal Chromosome Study for single pregnancy (doctor’s appointment fee to be added)300€
NIPTIFY Prenatal Chromosome Study for twin pregnancy (doctor’s appointment fee to be added)470€
Coronavirus test (PCR)45€
SARS coronavirus 2 IgG QN analysis (blood collection fee is added to the analysis fee)16.8€
SARS coronavirus 2 IgG QN blood collection fee (blood collection fee is added to the analysis fee)5€


Yellow fever vaccine Stamaril45€
Poliomyelitis vaccine Imovax Polio19€
Tick vaccine Encepur39€
Tick vaccine Tico Vac39€
Tick vaccine Tico Vac for children36€
Typhoid fever vaccine Typherix31€
Typhoid fever vaccine Typhim31€
Prior anti-rabies vaccine Verorab44€
Hepatitis B vaccine Energix B35€
Pneumococcal vaccine Prevenar77€
Pneumococcal vaccine Synflorix61€
Hepatitis A vaccine for adults Avaxim47€
Hepatitis A vaccine for adults Havrix45€
Hepatitis A vaccine for children Havrix28.50€
Hepatitis A+B vaccine Twinrix57.55€
Influenza vaccine Fluarix Tetra15€
Influenza vaccine Vaxigriptetra15€
Influenza vaccine Fluenz Tetra 25€
Papillomavirus vaccine Silgard110€
Papillomavirus vaccine Cervarix135€
Papillomavirus vaccine Gardasil9150€
Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine Boostrix27€
Poliomyelitis vaccine Poliorix13.95€
Varicella vaccine (Varilrix)41€
Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine Adacel23.50€
Vaccination against diphtheria-tetanus (Imovax)4€
Vaccination against measles-mumps-rubella (MMR)16€

NB! The service provider has the right to unilaterally change the list of services and the price list at any time.

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