• Medical check-ups for employees

  • Medical check-ups for employees

  • Medical check-ups for employees

  • Medical check-ups for employees

  • Medical check-ups for employees

  • Medical check-ups for employees

Qvalitas offers health check-ups of different volumes for your employees considering risk factors to which the employees are subjected to and precepts by law.

The most substantial health audit puts a strong emphasis on early detection of most common diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and more frequent malignant tumours.

Qvalitas executes health check-ups all over Estonia. Our medical centres are located in the larger Estonian regions and our mobile medical units allow us to provide occupational health services in places far from our medical centres.

Preparations for tests and examinations

Giving blood and urine samples

We recommend not eating, smoking or chewing a gum at least 2 hours before testing; this ensures the most objective test results. During that time, we recommend drinking pure unflavoured water.

The time after the last urination should be at least 2 hours.

Cardiac stress test on veloergometer

Before taking the cardiac stress test, we ask to sign a consent form on taking the test (the respective form is available in the doctor's office or at the registration desk).
Please bring along comfortable workout clothes and footwear. You can take a shower after the test (please bring along a towel and toiletries).
If you are going to take the cardiac stress test, bring along an apple, yoghurt or a sweet snack to replenish yourself before taking the test.
We recommend skipping workout and avoiding more intensive exercising 1 day before the testing.

Qvalitas Medical Centre performs cardiac stress tests to persons of up to 130 kg of body weight.

Visual acuity test

If you are taking an eye examination, please do not wear contact lenses and, if possible, remove them from your eyes 1-2 before the test.
If you wear glasses, please bring your glasses and, if possible, the previous prescription of glasses.

Abdominal ultrasound

Do not eat 4-6 hours before the test (except if you have diabetes).
You should drink enough (1-1.5 litres) of non-sparkling water 2-3 hours before the test so your bladder ill be full; do not empty your bladder before testing.


If possible, we recommend avoiding noisy environments at least 12 hours before testing.


Avoid coffee, tea and cola-drinks 2 hours before testing. You should not smoke 4 hours before the test and consume alcohol for 2 days before the test.
Please do not come to the health check-up during an acute stage of an illness, upon a flare of a chronic condition or while being on a sick leave.

Consult your employer to find out which tests and examinations are included in your package.








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