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Qvalitas Medical Centre is gradually restoring scheduled treatments that were suspended during the emergency situation.

Occupational health services

Due to safety reasons, occupational health services will be restored gradually. Existing appointments will be prioritised and our self-service zone is available for scheduling new appointments. Our customer manager will assist you if you have any issues, and current information is available through the call centre.


Services by specialist doctors

Services by specialist doctors will also be brought to you gradually to ensure the correct and safe transition to regular service. If you have any questions about a future appointment, please contact us.  


Gynaecologist’s consultation

Gynaecologists are seeing patients based on prior registration. You can use telephone consultations to extend prescriptions.

Dr Kristin Jaigma is now seeing patients in Tartu.

Ophthalmologist's consultation

  • Ophthalmologist Dr Riina Meesak started seeing patients in Tartu as of 27.04.20.
  • Ophthalmologist Dr Karin Alari started seeing patients in Tartu as of 04.05.20.

We are delighted to inform you that Dr Natalia Lobanovskaya joined Qvalitas’ Tartu team on 11.05.20 as our new ophthalmologist. 

Psychiatrist’s consultation

  • Psychiatrist Dr Jaan Olari is not seeing patients in our Tartu centre as of 27.04.20.
  • Psychiatrists Dr Anneli Sell and Dr Maria Volkonskaja are seeing patients.


Cardiologist’s consultation

The service is available for existing customers of Qvalitas Medical Centre. Call 112 immediately if you are experiencing acute cardio-related symptoms such as severe chest pain and lack of air.

  • Cardiologist Dr Evi Tamm started seeing patients in Tartu as of 06.05.20.


Urologist's consultation

  • Urologist Dr Kalmer Innos started seeing patients in Tallinn as of 11.05.20.


Consultation with dermatologist-venereal diseases specialists

  • Dermatologist-venereal diseases specialist Dr Külli Paasi started seeing patients in Tallinn as of 08.05.20.

With regard to the emergency situation, we ask patients with problems related to moles to come for an appointment only if the moles under question are atypical and growing in size. Patients looking to have their moles preventatively checked are asked to come for an appointment after the end of the emergency situation.

Neurologist’s consultation

  • A neurologist started seeing patients in Tallinn as of 04.05.20 (Pärnu mnt centre at Jalgpalli 1).
  • Paediatric neurologist Dr Anu Sööt started performing video appointments as of 08.05.20 and will be seeing patients in person as of 18.05.20.
  • Neurologists are seeing patients in Tartu and new appointments will be open as of 18.05.20.


Orthopaedist’s consultation

  • An orthopaedist started seeing patients in Tallinn as of 11.05.20 (Pärnu mnt centre at Jalgpalli 1). 


Cardiac stress test

Cardiac stress tests are only available at Qvalitas Medical Centre on the condition that the patient has tested negative for the coronavirus in the past 48 hours.

Cardiac stress tests are performed in Tallinn based on prior registration. No stress tests are currently performed in Tartu and ECG tests are performed if the doctor considers it necessary for the patient.

X-ray and ultrasound

X-ray is open on a daily basis in Tallinn as of 20.04.20 and ultrasound is performed on specific days:

  • X-ray is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00 to 14:00 in Ülemiste Health Centre Valukoja 7, second floor)
  • X-ray is open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 to 15:00 in Pärnu mnt centre (Jalgpalli 1)
  • ultrasound is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:20 to 13:00 in our office at Narva road (Narva mnt 7)

X-ray is available in our Tartu centre as required – please call the registration desk for more information. Ultrasound examinations are also open again, please turn to the centre’s registration desk by calling +327 731 2260 to check available times.

We kindly ask family physicians to refrain from referring patients with symptoms of upper-respiratory viral diseases, except in cases where COVID-19 has been ruled out. We would appreciate if this were also indicated on the referral. This way we can protect ourselves as well as our patients.

Examinations require a referral from a doctor, preferably in digital form. Please indicate on the referral note as precisely as possible the area in which examinations should be performed (e.g. x-ray image of right ankle joint 2s). Examination results are then uploaded to the image bank and the Patient Portal.

For information and registration in Tallinn call +372 605 1500 and in Tartu +372 731 2260.

Work organisation at Qvalitas Medical Centre

Today, the most important prerequisite for scheduled treatments is the existence and use of personal protective equipment. As a result, by following a systematic action plan, we can gradually reintroduce our services as a healthcare organisation.

With regard to the ongoing emergency situation, there may still be some changes in the work organisation of Qvalitas Medical Centre. Our call centre provides current information on Qvalitas’ work organisation.

Please note that the virus is still spreading and regardless of gradual restoration of services, we must continue to act in a responsible manner.

Nurses may ask visitors who are early for their appointment to take a little walk so as to prevent people from gathering on the premises. We would like to thank all our customers for being patient and understanding during this challenging time.

The door to our Tartu centre is locked to minimise the risk of infection, please knock and the customer service will open the door.

Health status assessment before appointments

The coronavirus continues to spread and it is still essential that we assess the probability of infection. Qvalitas Medical Centre must ensure a treatment process without threat of the virus; assessing the health status of our patients before appointments plays a big role in this.

As a prerequisite for their appointments, all patients must fill in a questionnaire to help us understand their health status. By answering all the questions truthfully, you help make sure that persons who may be infected cannot enter the centre.

Please take into account that you will be asked to answer questions over the phone before your appointment and this process will be repeated on site.