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First Aid Training I Primary

The trainers with medical education and Estonian Red Cross training enable us to pass standard knowledge and practical skills to those participating in our courses about how to give first aid and save a life in case of an accident.

Study programme name

First Aid Training I Primary

Form of Study

Face-to-face teaching

Study programme volume

16 academic hours of face-to-face instruction, incl. practical activities.

Date of approval of study programme at the educational institution

December 2018

Target group and prerequisites for commencing studies

The target group for this training consists of people of working age. No prior education is necessary to commence the training.

Study programme description and study methods
  • The study programme covers topics identified in regulation “Procedure for first aid training and in-service training at continuing education institutions for working environment representatives, member of the working environment council and first aid providers” [“töökeskkonnavoliniku, töökeskkonnanõukogu liikme ja esmaabiandja koolituse ja täienduskoolituse kord täienduskoolitusasutuses”] of the Ministry of Social Affairs dated 01.01.2019.
  • The study programme comprises theory and practice. Practical work makes up 40% of the workload determined with the study programme.
  • In addition to the standard lecture format, the study programme also makes use of methods characteristic to the constructivist concept of learning, such as simulations and group work.
  • Implementation of the study programme is based on empirical, transformative, collaborative, social, situated and problem-driven learning.
Study programme goals
  • Ensure necessary training for first aid providers to allow them to successfully perform the duties of the person responsible for first aid according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • After completing the training, students are capable of providing first aid to persons who need it.
  • The study programme helps people gain a clear understanding of the tactics and necessity of providing first aid; practice manual skills for first aid activities; and feel more encouraged to act quickly and adequately in critical situations.
Study outcomes of the programme

The student:

  • has general knowledge of the options first care;
  • is able to take first aid measures;
  • knows how to analyse his or her activities and give instructions to other first aid providers;
  • can organise transport to the hospital for the victim;
  • is able to present his or her argumentation and is able to provide reasons for his or her actions in different crisis situations;
  • recognises and gives reasons for individual learning needs and areas of improvement.
Documents issued upon completion

First aid provider certification

Topics covered in the study programme
  • assessment of the accident, action at the place of the accident (incl. panic control) and calling emergency services, assessment of the condition of the victim (incl. risks related to changing the position of the victim), the nature and general principles of first aid, the specifics of providing first aid outdoors, prevention of subsequent damage to health;
  • life-threatening conditions, recognition of such conditions and essential measures (incl. in the event of an infarction, stroke and lung injury);
  • first aid to unconscious persons – making sure airways are open, prevention of brain damage due to lack of oxygen, removal of foreign objects from the respiratory tract, drowning, resuscitation (incl. use of AED resuscitation equipment);
  • first aid in the event of sudden illnesses (epileptic seizures, diabetic coma, anaphylactic shock, fainting, asthma attacks, stomach aches);
  • first aid in the event of injuries: superficial and deep injuries to the body, internal and external bleeding, actions that control bleeding, wound dressing methods and rules, risks related to bone fractures, splinting rules and risks related thereto, traumas to joints (incl. dislocations and sprains), vibration shocks and bruising of different parts of the body, eye injuries;
  • the nature of medical shock and assistance to persons in shock;
  • first aid in the event of poisoning, chemical burns, burns, cold injuries and electric shocks;
  • selection and use of first aid equipment at the place of work.

Each topic constitutes a substantial and purposeful unit in itself and in relation to other topics and as part of the study programme pursuant to learning outcomes. The topics of the study programme are presented in a logical order and linked to one another.

Conditions for completion

The student shall take a theoretical and practical examination to complete the study programme.

The assessment of theoretical knowledge will take place in the form of a test while practical skills will be assessed based on management of resuscitation and trauma situations and conducting an analysis of one’s activities and self-reflection. Persons who complete the training successfully will be issued a certificate.

Writer and curator of study programme

Jaana Palusaar RN MA


Jaana Palusaar RN MA

Education and experience in health care:

  • applied higher education in nursing;
  • intensive care nurse-specialist;
  • worked in emergency medicine since 2000, ambulance nurse at Tallinn EMS;
  • Registered in the Health Board’s National Register of Health Care Professionals as a nurse-specialist in intensive care, registry no. N06609.

Education and experience in teaching:

  • Master’s degree in education science (adult education);
  • Master’s degree in social sciences (internal security);
  • licensed first aid instructor since 2004.
Training institution

Qvalitas Koolitusasutus, adult education economic activity report no. 205837

Registreeru koolitusele

Qvalitas Arstikeskus jätab endale õiguse koolituste kuupäevi muuta või tühistada koolituste mittetäituvuse korral. Muudatuste korral võtame otse ühendust.

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    Qvalitas Medical Centre, Ülemiste

    First Aid Primary Training concludes 16 academic hours of face-to-face instruction, incl. practical activities.

    100 € + km


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