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General practitioner
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General Practitioner at Qvalitas Medical Centre, Tartu (Riia 2)

At Qvalitas, primary care is provided by general practitioners and family doctors. A family doctor is a specialist who has completed the respective residency. A general practitioner is a specialist registered as a doctor who has completed medical training. Patients with all kinds of health concerns, regardless of age, can turn to GP or family doctor appointments. If necessary, the doctor can refer you for blood tests and examinations or, if you have a very specific health problem, refer you to a specialist. The most common reasons for seeing a GP or family doctor are, for example:

  • infections (e.g. eye inflammation, urinary tract inflammation; in the case of acute airway inflammation, the initial consultation takes place in the Digital Clinic)
  • treatment and monitoring of chronic diseases (e.g. hypertension, diabetes)
  • preventive health examinations (consultation with a doctor to plan examinations and interpret the results)
  • applying for a medical certificate (e.g. driver’s certificate)

Qvalitas offers quick access to a primary care doctor; appointments are often available on the same day. It is most convenient to book an appointment in the Qvalitas self-service environment.

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