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Digital Clinic Terms of Use

1. Application of the Terms of Use

All parties who access the digital platform Digikliinik and provide information to Digikliinik or otherwise use Digikliinik (“the User”) accept and agree to comply with these Terms of Use. As the Terms of Use can be updated from time to time as described in Section 9, the Users are encouraged to review these Terms of Use on a regular basis.

The service should not be used in case of need for emergency care, in which case the user should call 112 or go to the emergency medicine department.

2. Purpose and content of Digikliinik

Health care services provided via Digikliinik are provided by Qvalitas Arstikeskus AS (“Qvalitas”). Digikliinik uses the digital platform operated by BeeHealthy Oy, who provides to Qvalitas services related the maintenance of the digital platform of Digikliinik, data storage and technical support.

Digikliinik provides the services of the digital medical clinic (the “Service”). The use of the Service creates the customer relationship between the User and Qvalitas. Digikliinik enables the User to renew prescriptions and contact and consult with health care professionals providing services at Qvalitas (“the Professional”) at any time regarding questions about their health and well-being. Digikliinik provides health care services under the terms for the provision of health care services, which can be found on Qvalitas’s website

The User can submit data and ask questions related to their own health and well-being. The data submitted to Digikliinik by the User shall be forwarded to a separate patient information system maintained by Qvalitas and to the Health Information System in accordance with applicable legislative acts.

The User can store and update their personal and contact information as well as their prohibitions and consents in Digikliinik. Some customer relationship information can be managed in the Digikliinik’s My Profile section or in a separate patient information system maintained by Qvalitas.

The User can send a message via Digikliinik to a Professional who is treating them. However, reading the message sent in this way is not guaranteed, so if the matter is important or urgent or if the reception must otherwise be ensured, the User must always make an appointment through the normal appointment service of Qvalitas or another health care service provider or otherwise ensure proper processing of the information contained in the message. Qvalitas has the right to direct and restrict the sending of messages only to a specific person.

The services of the Digital Clinic can be provided by Qvalitas’s Professionals, private practitioners or Qvalitas’s partners. Some of the services are subject to a fee. Examination referrals made in connection with Digital Clinic visits, which are charged to the User according to the current price list, are also considered as services subject to a fee. As a rule, the services provided by Professionals consist of handling one issue at a time. If the visit concerns several separate issues, we reserve the right to charge for each issue individually. If your issue is not suitable for handling at the Digital Clinic, we will refer you to the right care.

The Service includes service and reminder messages sent to an email address and/or mobile phone number, for example, a reminder of booked appointments, notification of the completion of examination results or Professional’s message from the Digital Clinic. The User may prohibit the sending of service or reminder messages, but the User must understand its impact, for example, on the clarity of the Digital Clinic services.

Qvalitas may use Digikliinik and the information contained therein for the management of customer relationships concerning other health and social services, well-being and other related services; conducting customer relationships, customer history, feedback, satisfaction data, surveys and studies, quality monitoring and development, monitoring and analysis; targeting communications, marketing and services and other organisation, development and provision of services.

3. Fees

A fee may be charged for the use of Digikliinik service package or the separate services included therein in accordance with the current price list available at  In addition, the User is charged a fee for individual health care services that may be provided via Digikliinik by a professional working at Qvalitas in accordance with the valid price list. If there is a separate agreement on communications, for example, in the occupational health agreement between the User’s employer and Qvalitas or in the agreement between the User’s insurance provider and Qvalitas, and the Service is included in the agreement, the terms of the agreement in question shall be applied. The User must choose the person obligated to pay for the Services at the time of accessing Digikliinik. If the Service is not included in the referred agreement or if the employer of insurance provider refuses to pay for the Services for any other reason, the User must pay for the Service themselves.

The Services purchased directly from Digikliinik are charged to the payment instrument indicated by the User, the details of which are provided to the payment service provider used by Qvalitas. Qvalitas is not responsible for matters related to the transmission of payments, but each payment service provider is responsible for them. If the payment service provider is unable to charge the payment instrument you have indicated, we will send the invoice details to the email address you have provided. If we are not able to charge the payment instrument you have indicated and we do not receive your payment on the invoice sent to the email address you have provided within the payment period, we will initiate the collection procedure in accordance with our usual practices.

If the User utilises third-party services communicated through or conveyed by Digikliinik, the price list and terms of the third party shall be applied.

The User is responsible for the costs resulting from their own data connections, hardware and software.

4. Registration to Digikliinik

Registration with Digikliinik and subsequent access to the User account requires the person to have the Estonian personal identity code and the User must identify themselves by ID card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID. Upon first access, the User must agree with these Terms of Use and provide their email address.

Users without Estonian personal identity code need to contact Qvalitas to be authenticated to be provided a user account that can be accessed based on their email address and password.

The registration and access rights are linked to a specific individual, so the User must always use their own personal information and personal identification data for logging in to the user account.

5. User rights and responsibilities

The User may use and undertakes to use the Service only to support his or her health and well-being and in accordance with these Terms of Use of Digikliinik, general terms for provision of health care services and the orders and instructions of Qvalitas valid at that time. The Service may not be used for commercial purposes.

It is always the responsibility of the User to consider whether to use the Service or to conduct a personal appointment, treatment or examination with a Professional. The decision and responsibility for the use and non-use of such personal service, as well as more generally Digikliinik, lies solely with the User.

The User is responsible for the information provided and understands that the information provided by the User does not replace the information obtained by the Professional through personal appointments, measurements or examinations.

The User is responsible for the accuracy and arrival of the data stored and processed by the User and for ensuring that only data related to the health and well-being of the User are stored in Digikliinik for the purposes of Digikliinik Services. The User must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the material does not contain malware or is otherwise harmful.

It is important to always remember that the data submitted or stored by the User in relation to Services previously provided by Qvalitas or via Digikliinik, will not, as such, become available or even known to the Professional, but will always have to be separately provided or agreed with the attending Professional, in which case the User must also ensure that the attending Professional has also processed the data that the User wanted to be processed.

Qvalitas has the right to check the accuracy of persons’ names, identities and address information from a population information or other known system. The personal identity code shall be used for checks. However, any checks carried out by Qvalitas do not alter the fact that each person is always responsible for providing correct and sufficient contact and other necessary information about themselves.

If the User detects or suspects that there is incorrect information in their own information or that of others or the use is in contravention of these Terms, the User must immediately correct or delete the incorrect information or inform Qvalitas.

Each User undertakes to keep all non-public information concerning another person and other information obtained through the Service confidential, and not to use, display or disclose it, except under the regulations for the interests, consents and service purposes of the other person concerned.

Each User shall be liable for claims against Qvalitas, Qvalitas’s employees or private practitioners and for any damage caused by the User’s actions or omissions.

6. Qvalitas’s rights, responsibilities and limitations of liability

Digikliinik enables the management of the User’s own health information and other information and communication to the extent that Qvalitas allows at the given time. In addition to the remote appointment services provided by health care professionals, the service may, for example, provide general and personal instructions, which do not, however, replace the personal appointments, treatment or examinations of the health care professional.

Neither Qvalitas nor its partners are responsible for the completeness, accuracy or uninterrupted nature of the Service or for the consequences of using or not using the Service.

Neither Qvalitas nor its partners are responsible for the functionality of the data connection and telecommunications services between the User and Qvalitas. Qvalitas has the right to not approve the registration and to restrict, suspend or remove content from the Service at its discretion, for example, due to load or other technical reasons or due to maintenance, suspected misuse or connection problems.

Qvalitas produces and delivers the Service as it is available. Qvalitas is not responsible for the costs of the User or a third party or for any direct or indirect damages to the User or a third party as a result of using or not using the Service or otherwise. In all situations, Qvalitas’s liability is no more than what is laid down in the mandatory legislation in Estonia.

Qvalitas and its partners shall not be liable for delays or other breaches of obligations caused by reasons beyond Qvalitas’s control, such as strikes and other industrial actions, fire, illness, interruption of electricity supply, data connections or the functionality of information systems, action under public law measure or any other reason that Qvalitas cannot reasonably be expected to eliminate.

All rights to Digikliinik belong to Qvalitas or have been duly licensed to Qvalitas. The User may not copy, save, reproduce, modify or transfer Digikliinik. However, the User has the right to store individual information about themselves for the purposes of using the Services and in accordance with these Terms of Use.

7. Use of personal data

Qvalitas may store and otherwise process special categories of personal data via Digikliinik. This information is confidential and may only be processed and used in accordance with these Terms of Use, applicable legislative acts and consents.

When using Digikliinik, the User accepts the valid Privacy Statement which can be read on Qvalitas’s website at

The patient register maintained by Qvalitas is a separate register from the customer register included in Digikliinik and this covers patient information about the treatment and examinations provided by Qvalitas and private practitioners providing services at Qvalitas as data controllers.

8. Data security

Digikliinik operates on the Internet and can be accessed via a secure data connection, for example, via a computer, mobile phone, tablet or other device’s browser. Qvalitas also has the right to provide the service through another technical application.

The User understands and accepts that network and mobile services may involve risks. The User is responsible for the appropriate information security of their own devices, operating environment, identifiers and operations.

Digikliinik is logged into using ID card, mobile-ID or Smart-ID services or other authentication approved by Qvalitas. Qvalitas seeks to organise the Service and information security with appropriate technical solutions.

Qvalitas can make backups as long as Digikliinik is valid for the User in question, but Qvalitas does not guarantee copies of all data entries made by the User and is not otherwise responsible for backups in all situations. For the above reasons, each User is responsible for any backups that they deem necessary in all situations, both when using the Service and especially at the end of the Service.

When the use of Digikliinik is discontinued, Qvalitas deletes all data stored by the User concerning Digikliinik and the User’s Digikliinik profile, but the data concerning other services (such as feedback and data used to allocate services) remain in Qvalitas’s customer register and the patient data in the separate patient register remain in a separate patient register.

The User undertakes to keep the login credentials confidential and immediately notify Qvalitas’s Customer Service Centre if the credentials fall into the wrong hands or the User detects problems with the Service.

Cookies are used in Qvalitas’s online services in accordance with the valid Privacy Statements available on the websites.

9. Modification of Terms, issuing of regulations and instructions and termination of agreement

The User has the right to terminate the use of Digikliinik at any time by providing a notification to Qvalitas. The User can notify the termination in person by means of a notice signed at Qvalitas’s medical clinic or by other means indicated in Digikliinik.

Qvalitas has the right, at its sole discretion, to change the content, prices and terms of the Service, to issue regulations on the use of the Service and, at its sole discretion, to restrict, suspend and also terminate the Service. Qvalitas seeks to notify significant changes in connection with the Service. If the User continues to use the Service, this means accepting the changes. If the User does not accept the changes, regulations or instructions, the User must immediately stop using the Service and declare that they will terminate the agreement as mentioned above.

Prior to the possible termination of the Service, the User shall be notified via the Service and/or the email address provided by the User.

After the termination of the agreement and the Service, the User has no right to use the Service. After the decision, Qvalitas has a reasonable time to close the Service for the User as well as to delete the data stored in the Service to the extent that there is no legal obligation to store the data.

10. Other terms

These Terms and the Service are governed by the Estonian law. Negotiations shall be the primary means of resolving any disputes. If the negotiations do not result in a satisfactory result, the disputes will be settled in Harju County Court.

Health services are also subject to the general terms for the provision of health care services, which can be found on Qvalitas’s website

11. Additional information and Qvalitas’s contact information

The Digikliinik service is organised by Qvalitas Arstikeskus AS, Business ID 10303948. All inquiries, comments, suggestions and other feedback concerning Digikliinik must be made using the email address or regarding personal data related questions.

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