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As Estonia’s largest provider of occupational health services, we are convinced that healthy and satisfied employees are key to the success of employers and that the company’s good financial performance goes hand in hand with occupational health and safety.

We have been a long-time occupational health partner to a large proportion of Estonian companies and provide services to clients operating in very different areas, from industries to start-up companies.

In total, Qvalitas Medical Centre sees approximately 100,000 appointments per year, which include occupational health services as well as other specialist services.

Excellent accessibility and mobility allow us to serve clients all over Estonia any time and place that suits them and ensure that all interested employees have access to healthcare. In addition to medical centres all over Estonia, we also have five mobile medical buses.

Employee medical examinations are often what provide people with an essential overview of their health indicators.

Knowing that scheduled examinations help detect, among other things, serious health issues shows that occupational health is an important and effective part of medical care.

In addition to medical examinations, consultations, risk assessment, vaccinations, training events and rehabilitation, we also put great emphasis on psychosocial risk factors in the working environment.

We are the first in Estonia to use the Copsoq3 (Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire) questionnaire for assessing the mental health of employees in order to understand and improve the health risks related to the mental health of employees.

We support clients in setting up a safe and healthy working environment, take into consideration the changes in the labour market, keep an eye on global trends and are the first to apply best practices.

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